Quickly build a web app
using Airtable as a data source.

Flairtable adds user accounts and a database to your frontend. It uses Airtable to persist your data. No more backends, just a simple Javascript SDK and API.


Build MVP's insanely fast with the simple Javascript SDK.

You don't need a backend, or a database for that matter. Directly plug Flairtable into your frontend and you're ready to go. Flairtable handles hosting, security and scalability.

Build reactive apps, with Airtable as a datasource.

Use the beautifully designed and user friendly interface of Airtable to structure your data. Flairtable makes sure you can use that data safely in your frontend.

When should you use Flairtable?

  • If you don't want to think about databases.
  • If you need user management but don't want to make it.
  • If you love Airtable but also love your own design.
  • If you want to secure your Airtable data.
  • And if (like me) you love simple things.

Start using an easy, secure and simple
back end experience.





    (fair use)10K requests a month.
    If you go over twice, we'll send you an email to update your plan.


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Billed $30 per year



    (fair use)50K requests a month.
    If you go over: no problem, we'll reach out to discuss new pricing.




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